The Global Cooperation Initiative is a discussion, research, and policy development group of scholars, professionals and scientists. The GCI proposes to hold annual meetings, draft white papers, and encourage the study of cooperation as an instrument of analysis of the international system. It has been developed in response to the need for understanding a complex and changing global environment.


The primary challenge facing the contemporary international system is the need to construct an effective policy framework to deal with the increasingly large number of transnational problems. Many issues that were historically confined to nations and regions have progressively acquired a global character.

As nations confront the challenge of developing policies from a global perspective, there is increasing pressure to engage in multilateral consultation Advances in information technology and a wider availability of data flows have enabled us to see the importance of cooperation as humankind faces challenges that are unique to our times Global cooperation in the future would need to be primarily a risk management enterprise, with a network structure, replacing the traditional hierarchical decision making model that has dominated the international environment.